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Snap ‘N Style Leash
Snap ‘N Style Leash
Snap ‘N Style Leash

Snap ‘N Style Leash

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Introducing our new Snap ‘N Style Leash. This is a custom design leash that has four interchangeable components that make your morning walk with 'Fido' super convenient and organized. The leash and all accessories are water resistant so you don't have to worry about soggy treats! The hardware are sturdy plastic and metal magnetic buckles with a pull string release for extra safety. Please note: this leash is made for medium to large size dogs. Though our leashes are made with safety in mind it's best not to use with dogs that are aggressive pullers.

Unique Features:
1. When all accessory bags are in place, leash will be 4'-6' in length. 
2. When all accessory bags are not in place, leash will automatically convert to a city leash.
3. The handle is interchangeable and can be switched out as often as you like. 
4. We offer matching collars with each handle.

Snap In Components:
1. Handle. Switch out the handle to match the season/holiday.
2. Poop bag holder. No more carrying this around your wrist or dangling on the leash.
3. Treat bag. Drawstring bag allows for easy access.
4. Accessory bag. Carry your car keys, credit card etc.