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Why me?

My hooman is down with a nasty flu/cold today so I'm sneaking on here again to tell you all the story that I promised to tell you. That is, why I am the face of our company.  It's really very sad, but it has a happy ending. My hooman's mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and my hooman was so sad. They were very close and talked every day. When she passed away, my hooman mom was very depressed. Then... she met me... I was a very shy puppy and struggled with anxiety. My hooman saw that I needed someone as much as she did and we became family. It didn't hurt that I was orange colored (my hooman's favorite color), but she...

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Black Friday Sale is on!!

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?? The good news is that everything is 30% off. The bad news is that supplies are limited and the sale ends soon! Hurry and get your orders in before the sale is over and your fur babies miss out!     

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Who loves Christmas?!!

We love Christmas around here. What about you?? Lots of hoomans think that Christmas trees should not go up before Thanksgiving, but not my hooman!! She puts it up in early November. I love to just sit and stare at the lights. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. .. 

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